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Vending Machine Dr. Imtiyaaz
RM9800.00  MYR


Vending Machine Dr. Imtiyaaz

Imtiyaaz Bio Energy Vending Machine RM9,800

Harga Pasaran RM20,000

*Tidak Termasuk Kos Pemasangan. Caj Tambahan Sebanyak RM300 ~ RM800 Akan Dikenakan Untuk Kerja-Kerja Pemasangan Vending Machine Dr. Imtiyaaz

Specification : Size :L =22.6″ x W=23.2″x H=72″

Material : 304 Stainless Steel

Cara Hidup Yang Lebih Sihat





1 Unit Imtiyaaz Fiber



1 Unit Dr. Imtiyaaz


Proses Tabung Imtiyaaz Bio Energy Vending Machine


Imtiyaaz Bio Energy Vending Machine : Cara Hidup Yang Lebih Sihat

  • Fakta Am : Tubuh badan manusia terdiri lebih daripada 70% air.
  • Sel otak kita mengandungi 75%-85% air.
  • Darah kita terdiri daripada lebih kurang 50% air.
  • Air dalam tubuh badan manusia diganti sepenuhnya setiap 15 hari
  • Kepentingan Air : Air merupakan nyawa selepas oksigen sebab air merupakan eleman yang terpenting untuk meneruskan kehidupan. Tanpa air manusia akan mati dalam 7 hari.
  • Air meningkatkan kesihatan dan kesempurnaan tubuh keseluruhan kita.
  • Air meningkatkan kualiti serta panjangnya hidup kita.
  • Air merupakan agen penyembuhan yang hebat.
  • Air merupakan kunci bagi semua fungsi tubuh kita.
  • Air mencarikan banyak benda serta membolehkan sel-sel kita untuk memperolehi nutrien, galian dan bahan kimia dalam proses hidup kita.
  • Air mengangkut nutrien dan oksigen kepada sel kita.
  • Air membantu penghadaman dan penyerapan makanan.
  • Air mengetatkan otot dan kulit kita.

1. Strong Stainless Steel Housing
2. Security Alarm Functioning and Upgradable to long distance GSM control System.
3. Multi-Stages Industrial standard Water filtration with mineralized water as standard and RO water as optional.
4. Ultraviolet Storage air tight Tank ensure good storage
5. RFID front door control for easy monitoring and setting.
6. Easy maintenance and repairing.
7. Low investment cost and fast return of investment.
8. Equipped with Digital Flow meter.
9. Spare parts easy available in the market.
10. No waste water during drinking water pocess.

1. Pre-Filtration: 20″- 5um Sediment Filter,
20″- Carbon Block
20″- Granular Activated Carbon
2. Bio-Alkaline Filtration System:
Alkaline Far Infrared Ball
Activated Carbon
Resin + Activated Carbon
Far Infrared Energy
Mineral Stone
Nano Silver Carbon
3. Post Filtration: 10″ Carbon Block
4. Storage Tank: 100 Liter Stainless Steel with Ultraviolet Sterilization.
5. Security System: Optional
6. Control: RFID Monitoring and control System

Day by day people are getting more health conscious about what they eat and what they drink. Here in Malaysia, people are getting equally concerned about the quality of water they are
consuming as most of the time they seem to be getting brown, murky water flowing down their taps. To solve this problem, more and more Malaysians are resorting to fixing water filters at their homes and at offices. There are many water filter brands in the market today such as Smart, Diamond, Nesh, Elken, Amway and many others but unfortunately some of these filters are too expensive for an average Malaysian. Research has shown that only 23.8% of Malaysian household earning an income of more than RM3,000 could afford these filters. Those who are in the lower income group below RM3,000 are unable to afford, resulting in them going over to water machines to buy clear, good water. The investment of Water Drinking Machine is looking at average of 12% return excluding the monthly expenses which is vary depend of places.



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